Week 5 Report (23-10-19)



UNISON ‘B’ 0 v MEOLE ‘A’ 5 Plus one bonus point Playing at the Unison Club the Meole Lads put in an excellent potting display, all four scored over 70 points, with the outstanding Matt Ryder best with a brilliant 76 break in winning 122-21, the next best came from Mike Beasley 71-14, then came Tom Hancher 73-34 & Ross Corfield 74-31 still unbeaten. ====================================================== BEACONSFIELD ‘B’ 1 v WEM USC ‘A’ 4 The visiting Wem side had a good win & improved their league position, Gavin Tommy was the best winner 66-21, Then we had Ian Tinsley 68-33 & Chris Davey 67-48. Andy Baron did win well for the home team 67-36. =======================================================       UNISON ‘A’ 3 v UNISON ‘F’ 2. The Unison team hold on to 3rd spot, sharing the frames but with two good wins from John Barton 86-16 & Colin Beaman 60-43 with breaks of 23 & 21, For the ‘F’ Lads Dave Thomas potted well to win 67-42 & Gaz Hughes won on the black against Mike Barnsley 66-60. ========================================================         WEM USC ‘C’ 1 v BEACONNSFIELD ‘A’ 4 The home Wem team were well beaten on their own table, Best of the visitors 3 winners was Steve Adams 100-26, then came Simon McLeod 93-24 & Jason Bright 72-35 with a 27 clearance. For Wem Greig Edwards was the only winner 47-34. ========================================================= HARLESCOTT ‘A’ 4 v BAGLEY ‘C’ 1 The Harlescott side are playing catch up and are in 7th place with three big wins, Tim Jones was the best winner 104-16 with a 26 break, Then came Ade Rowe who had an excellent 41 clearance in winning 88-30, the other winner was Tony Watkins 72-32. For the visitors Danny Sumner had a good 58-18 win against Callum Wraight.     


OUT-STANDING CANE SCORE’S 115 POINTS                                        

Harlescott ‘D’ 1 v UNISON ‘E’ 4 Very good win for the Unison Lads, Alan Thomas set the balls running for them, with a very good 25 break was the difference in !st frame, to help Alan win 64-31 against Russ Worrall. In a low scoring 2nd was decided on the black for Alex Nuttall to beat Steve Jones 37-28. The 3rd was close up ontill last couple of reds & the colours, then Alan Childs pulled away from Mike Hughes for a big 73-26 win. In the last Martin Cane didn’t miss a thing to get the aggregate and win 115-16. ======================================================== CONDOVER ‘A’ 4 v MEOLE ‘E’ 1 Condover went 3-0 up after Dean Stone just beat Geoff Balshaw 59-53, then Dougie Williams just got the better of Martin Blizard 57-31 & Charlie Hughes scored well with a very good 84-48 win over Andrew Corfield, At the back Pete Connor was the only Meole winner at 44-29. =========================================================      WEM USC ‘B’ 2 v HARLESCOTT ‘C’ 3 The games were shared but while Wem only just won the first two frames, Pete Maddon 42-39 with a good 33 break to beat Craig Charles who had a 27 break, The next was tighter Ian Bailey 43-42 playng Jon Rigby, Then the big turn round Ross Price 49-28 & Andy Simpson with the best win 81-33 break 20. ========================================================== HARLESCOTT ‘E’ 3 v BEACONSFIELD ‘C’ 2 A spirited home performace by the ‘E’ men against the League Leaders, who had Terry Burgess with a big 80-12 win & Steve Weaver 79-39, for the leaders Steve Farmer 76-27 & Martin Lewis 69-32. ========================================================== BEEACONSFIELD ‘D’ 4 v PRESTON BROCKHURST ‘A’ 1 Pete Archer 64-20 rolled back the years with this result against Adrian Trowsdale, other winners were Jim Wood 62-31 against Pip Higgins & Graham Archer just got the better of Glyn Buckley 51-42, for the Brock Arn Mulligan 59-36 over Tony Antobus who had a 22 break. ======================================================         BAGLEY ‘A’ 2 v OLD SHREWSBBURY ‘A’ 3 Good away win for the Shrews dispite going 2-0 down, after Alan Ball 56-45 & Martin Young 57-28, then the big fight back Tony Bennett 69-25 with a good 31 break & Tony Preece best of all 84-5.

Report by John Teckoe