Week 17 Report (12-02-20)



MEOLE ‘F’ 2 v UNISON ‘F’ 3 Three good points for the Unson who had Mal Edwards 67-9 & Gaz Hughes 52-37. For the Hosts Andy Sparkes best at 63-29 & that man again Dave Berry 42-34. ========================================================== UNISON ‘A’ 3 v MEOLE ‘A’ 2 Like the first game three good points for Unison could have been four with Colin Beaman only going down on a re-spot black to Matt Ryder 58-51. For Unison the best winner was John Barton again 66-30 & Mike Barnsley 63-52 break 23, for Meole Mike Beasley was the bigest winner 59-33, but the best frame was Matt & Colin’s. ============================================================ UNISON ‘B’ 0 v BEACONSFIELD ‘A’ 5 Massive win for the League Leaders who had Jason Bright 81-15 break 48 & Steve Adams 75-21, Then came Dave Davies 57-42 & Simon McLoed 53-45. ============================================================ WEM USC ‘A’ 4 v HARLESCOTT ‘B’ 1 Four good points for Wem who had Gavin Tommy 95-26 break 31 & Martin Bebb 67-14, the other good winner was Ian Tinsley 72-50 who had Mark Mason to beat. While Dave Ferriday had a good 59-19 win for the visitors. ============================================================ WEM USC ‘C’ 4 v BAGLEY ‘C’ 1 The Wem lads will be pleased with this win against their close rivals in the relegation stakes, Greg Edwards with the best win 77-8, then came Josh Whittle 64-17 & Phil Seston winning a tight frame 41-39. For Bagley Mikre Jones won well 67-21.



BAGLEY ‘A’ 2 v MEOLE ‘E’ 3 A spirited performance from the Meole Men, with Martin Blizard the best winner 64-23 & the other winner being Tim Corfield 55-18. For Bagley Alan Ball won again 62-42 & Colin Vaughan 56-36.  ======================================================= MEOLE ‘G’ 4 v OLD SHREWSBURY ‘A’ 1 This solid home win keeps Meole in 3rd place, after Andy Wiginton put in an outstanding performance in winning 83-8 break 21, The other winners was Pete Price 61-38 & Kevin Price 44-39. Creg Weaver won well for the Shrews 79-35 break 23. ========================================================== HARLESCOTT ‘D’ 2 v WEM USC ‘B’ 3 Russ Worrall has a 20 point lead after potting yellow but Alan Smith made an excellent 25 clearance to win 52-47 to put Wem one up, The 2nd was another close frame Pete Seddon always in front for Wem with some good potting throughout to win 58-41. Big win for Alan Childs for Harlescott despite potting black & white whilst on a 24 break, Alan won 84-20 to help his team pinch the aggregate point ========================================================== PRESTON BROCKHURST ‘A’ 4 v HARLESCOTT ‘C’ 1 The first was a game of so many flukes, The players felt sorry for Pip Higgins nothing he could do, as the frame neared the end, Dan Manning potted brown & blue, fluked the pink & potted black for a 57-56 win. Arn Mulligan carrying on his good form, pulling Brock back to level the frames, winning 65-28. Glyn Buckley was man of the match with a brillerit 36 break played superb with a 86-30 win, Adrian Trowsdale 25 points up, let slip on a couple of shots & Russ Price got a very 20 break, potting him back in the frame, he potted pink & miscued the black & left it for Adrian for a nervy black to just win 56-45. ========================================================= CONDOVER ‘A’ 1 v BEACONSFIELD ‘C’ 4 A great performance frome the visitors, to ensure keeping their 2nd place, Jon Hedger was the best winner 43-18, then came Mike Ryder 57-35 & Martin Lewis 69-51, Charlie Hughes won well for Condover 60-26. ========================================================= HARLESCOTT ‘E’ 2 v UNISON ‘E’ 3 With games shared the hosts were unlucky to lose the aggregate by 2 points in a tense finish, Alan Thomas was the best for Unison 64-35, The other winner was that man again Martin Cane 56-40, For the Hosts Steve Weaver 70-33 the best & Jon Hughes 44-38.

Report by John Teckoe.