Week 13 Report (15-01-20)



MEOLE ‘A’ 4 v UNISON ‘F’ 1 A very good result for the Bracers, Keeping Meole one point in front of Beaconsfield ‘A’, Three big winners Matty Ryder started it off beating Gaz Hughes 64-29, then Tom Hancher out plays Phil Witby 62-28, The best win came in the 3rd frame when Ross Corfield defeated Dave Thomas 60-19. Unison did take the final when Mel Edwards got the better of Mike Beasley 55-37. ========================================================= BAGLEY ‘C’ 0 v BEACONSFIELD ‘A’ 5 Bagley are having a very poor season this result did not help, keeping them at the bottom of League one, Jim Davidson was well beaten by Steve Adams 23-88, Then Gary Prosser having his worst season ever, but Gary did very well to score 38 against last seasons Individual winner Jason Bright who scored 64, Then it was a big defeat for Mike Jones 8-79 playing Dave Davies, On last was the best winner when Russ.O’Callaghan when down 11-85 to Simon McLoed. ========================================================= HARLESCOTT ‘B’ 2 v BEACONSFIELD ‘B’ 3 The games were drawn with the away team taking the aggregate points Chris Harrison had the best result defeating Dave Ferriday 60-33 break 25, the other away winner was Andy Baron 70-56, The Hosts took the first two frames Ian Evans 53-49 playing Simon Richards & Ian Ferriday who won 48-36 against Rob Jones. ============================================================ WEM USC ‘A’ 3 v HARLESCOTT ‘A’ 2 Games shared in this very close Match, with the home team claiming the aggregate after Sam Breakes being the best winner over Adrian Rowe 81-52 with an excellent 35 break, the other winner was Gavin Tommy 54-48 playing Roger Davies, For the visitors Tony Watkins 60-44 against Chris Davey & Callum Wraight just beating Ian Tinsley 58-51 with a 32 break. ============================================================= UNISON ‘B’ 2 v UNISON ‘A’ 3 The ‘B’ Lads won the first two frames on the last few colours, Steve Shingler 56-45 against Colin Beaman & Neil Chislett 52-26 playing John Teckoe. The ‘A’ men came back well Mike Barnsley 71-43 against Andy Cashion & John Barton the best winner 70-26 playing Clive Phillips.


PRESTON BROCKHURST ‘A’ 4 v HARLESCOTT ‘D’ 1 Pip Higgins got the Brock off to a good start potting some great long reds, but no colours, close game till the colours, were Pip pulled away to win 51-23 against Russ Worrall, Arn Mullinghan in great form with breaks of 22 & 19, Steve Stubbs had no Answer couldn’t get going, Arnie won 73-15. Alan Childs 20+ infont But Adrian Trowsdale pulled back with a 14, but slipped up on a red which let Alan back in for a 62-40 win, The last was a good frame good potting by both players, Alan Trowsdale with a 19 break helped to take the last frame off Steve Jones 54-36. ========================================================= HARLESCOTT ‘E’ 2 v MEOLE ‘G’ 3 The ‘G’ Slingers have moved into 3rd place in this League, Games Shared but Andy Wigginton his in excellent form with this 80-28 win over Joe Hughes & at the back Kevin Price beat Steve Weaver 60-44, For the Hosts Paul Meredith got the better of Brian Price 66-54 & Brian Duckett beat Pete Price 54-30. ========================================================== CONDOVER 1 v BAGLEY ‘A’ 4 Condover are going down the League after an excellent start, With only one winner at the back Dougie Williams beat Mick Keene 68-43. winners for Bagley, Alan Ball 56-22 against Rhys Williams, Martin Young 56-47 playing Charlie Hughes, Colin Vaughan 57-25 against Colin Barton. =========================================================== HARLESCOTT ‘C’ 2 v BEACONSFIELD ‘D’ 3 Jon Rigby not only beat Jim Wood 66-43, but took the aggregate by one point. The visitors took 3 frames with the best winner being Tony Antrobus 60-44 against Craig Charles, then Graham Archer just beat Andy Simpson 50-45 & Jim Green won 48-47 playing Dan Manning. ========================================================== MEOLE ‘E’ 5 v OLD SHREWSBURY 0 A full house for Meole, Pete Connor 56-23 v Graig Weaver, Then Geoff Balshaw beat Tony Bennett 53-45. On 3rd Martin Blizard got the better of Rob Bebbington 61-43 & Tim Corfield took the last off Tony Preece 61-39. =========================================================== UNISON ‘E’ 1 v BEACONSFIELD ‘C’ 4 Unison go down at home to the League Leaders with only Martin Cane winning a lucky frame off Martin Lewis 47-34. Winners for the visitors Steve Farmer 62-55 playing Alan Thomas, Jon Hedger beat Mike Hughes 66-47 & Mike Ryder took the last off Ken McEvey 56-44.

Report by John Teckoe