Week 11 Report (09-01-19)



HARLESCOTT ‘A’ 5 v UNISON ‘A’ 0 In the first Yours Truly took a good lead, with Sean Nolan fighting back with excellent safety and snookers to pinch the frame 64-48, after Yours Truly went in-off brown. Sean took the brown, blue & pink. Ade Rowe then took the 2nd with good potting, Colin Beaman did well to take the last few balls to keep the aggregate down. The 3rd saw some outstanding potting from both players with Mike Beer pulling away with a good 24 break just going onto the colours to help him win an excellent frame against John Barton 84-58. The last saw Callum Wraight defeat Mike Barnsley 67-27.   

BEACONSFIELD ‘B’ 3 v UNISON ‘B’ 2 Games shared but a 91-28 win by Andy Baron over Steve Shingler and Chris Harrison’s 62-27 gave the aggregate to the Hosts. For Unison Neil Chislett beat Phil Ryan 52-42 & Andy Cashion did well to beat Rob Jones 54-29.

UNISON ‘F’ 4 v WEM USC ‘A’ 1 A steady result for the Unison against Wem. Gaz Hughes put in the best performance beating Sam Breakes 79-41, next came Mal Edwards against Graig Astley 65-33 the other winner was Danny Sumner 61-39. For Wem Ian Tinsley won 56-41 playing Haydn Cross.   

OLD SHREWSBURY ‘A’ 0 v BEACONSFIELD ‘A’ 5 Third placed Beacon had a big away win as Jason Bright was the best winner 84-28 over Graig Hollinger. Then the next best was Simon McCloed playing his first game for Beacon and winning well 80-39 against Craig Weaver. Then came Dave Davies 60-30 beating Matt Whitker. Then Steve Adams just got the better of Tony Bennett 52-40.   

BAGLEY ‘C 0 v MEOLE ‘A’ 5 Meole high-fliers come away from Bagley with a full house. Tom Hancher put in the best performance 74-18 against Ross Callingham. Then it was Ross Corfield 78-31 against Jamie Davidson. Mike Beasley potted well in beating Mike Jones 71-31. Then it was Matt Ryder beating Gary Prosser 59-39.



HARLESCOTT ‘D’ 0 v HARLESCOTT ‘B’ 5 Best with a 81-25 win over Russ Worral. The other winners in order were Dave Ferriday 59-29 playing Paul Meredith. Mark Mason beating Shane Powell 71-43 & Ian Ferriday 60-48 against Steve Jones.   

BEACONSFIELD ‘C’ 3 v PRESTON BROCKHURST ‘A’ 2 Games were shared with Jon Hedger being very impressive in beating Glyn Buckley 84-16, the other winner for the Hosts was Steve Farmer 53-16 against Alan Trowsdale. For the Brock Arn Mulligan won well against Felix Preedy 70-24 and Pip Higgins 59-44 playing Martin Lewis. 

MEOLE ‘E’ 5 v HARLESCOTT ‘F’ 0 Big full house for the ‘E’ men, with Pete Connor coming out best in beating Vic Ingham 66-24. Then it was Geoff Balshaw 63-28 playing Len Turford. Other winners Martin Blizard 61-43 against Brian Duckett & Andrew Corfield 78-61 with the help of a 20 break against Terry Burgess.

UNISON ‘E’ 5 v BEACONSFIELD ‘D’ 0 Unison hit the jackpot with outstanding win. Alan Thomas stands out in beating Jim Wood 74-24. The other three were tight Kevin Ebrey 44-33 playing Jim Green. Mike Hughes 52-45 against Graham Archer & Martin Cane just getting the better of Tony Antrobus 51-45.   

WEM USC ‘C’ had a walk-over against MEOLE ‘G’

Report by John Teckoe.