Week 10 – Report (11-12-19)



UNISON ‘A’ 1 v HARLESCOTT ‘B’ 4 Unison are falling apart, Harlescott came here and went back with 4 good points, Ian Evans took a close first frame 56-47, Then Colin Beaman played well to pull a frame back 67-32, In the 3rd Dave Ferriday took some outstanding pots to help him win 58-36, The last was very very tight with Mark Mason Just winning on a re-spotted black for a 50-43 win. ============================================================= MEOLE ‘F’ 1 v WEM USC ‘A’ 4 A super result for the Wem Lads which aided their title bid, Gavin Tommy had a the best win 74-17, Then came Ian Tinsley 48-28 & Sam Breakes 63-47. For Meole Dave Berry won well 70-37. ============================================================= UNISON ‘B’ 4 v BAGLEY ‘C’ 1 A solid home win for Unison which gets them back up the League, Billy Lanham was in excellent potting form with a brilliant 38 break in winning 69-26, The other two winners won well as well Andy Cashion 70-24 & Clive Phillips 72-33. ============================================================= HARLESCOTT ‘A’ 1 v MEOLE ‘A’ 4 A good away win for the Meole Lads, with Matt Ryder with a super 99-35 win & Ross Corfield not far behind with a big 85-31 win, the other winner was Mike Beasley who just beat Ade Rowe 53-50. For the hosts Callum Wraight took the only frame 66-e28. An excellent ============================================================= BEACONSFIELD ‘B’ 4 v WEM USC ‘C’ 1 The visitors led 1-0 in this Bottom of the table match, after Duncan Hill had a big 91-24 win, then the hosts took over with the best win coming from Andy Baron, then came Chris Harrison 62-33 & Geoff Evans 53-38.   



BEACONSFIELD ‘D’ 2 v HARLESCOTT ‘E’ 3 A good result for the ‘E’ men with big wins from Terry Burgess 73-27 & Steve Weaver 81-41, while Jim Green 51-29 & Tony Antrobus winning the close frame 53-43. ========================================================== HARLESCOTT ‘D’ 3 v MEOLE ‘E’ 2 A close game at the Harlesctt Club, after the hosts took the three points after a big win by Alan Childs 66-30 & a close win for Russ Worrall over Pete Connor 44-42, for Meole Geoff Balshaw who we welcome back 51-42 & Andrew Corfield pincing a tight frame 52-50. ================================================================ MEOLE ‘G’ 4 v PRESTON BROCKHURST ‘A’ 1 This was an excellent win for the G’Slingers over the League Leaders, lead by Brian Price 85-56, Andy Wigginton 61-35 & Kevin Price 60-13, for the Block Glyn Buckley had a good 71-31 result. =============================================================== BAGLEY ‘A’ 1 v HARLESCOTT ‘C’ 4 This result jumps the visitors over Bagley in the League, with Russ Price best at 66-15, then it was Dan Manning 68-45 & Andy Simpson winning the clos.e frame 56-47. Alan Ball did pinch a frame for Bagley 49-30. =============================================================== CONDOVER ‘A’ 1 v UNISON ‘E’ 4 Condover crashed 4-1 to Unison where only Dougie Williams won a close frame 48-40 playing Alan Thomas, For Unison Mike Hughes was the best winner 88-51, then it was Martin Cane 48-27 & Robson Webster 54-41 playing Charlie Hughes. ============================================================= WEM USB ‘B’ 1 v BEACONSFIELD ‘C’ 4 A good away win with Martin Lewis the outstanding winner with an excellent 109-15 win, then came Jon Hedger 80-49 & Mike Ryder 52-37. For Wem Pete Maddon took the final frame off Steve Farmer 73-49.

Report by John Teckoe