Cup Week Report (3)



Harlescott ‘A’ (+ 10) 286 v Meole Brace ‘F’ (+ 20) 202. It all started well for the Meole Lads with Dave Berry taking out Tony Watkins 77-43. Dave had an excellent 59 break. Then it all fell apart when Steve Maddocks had breaks of 29 & 22 in defeating Steve Bebb 114-14. Tim Jones then robbed it in beating Tony Downes 73-28. Going on last for Meole Andy Bowers only had to defeat Callum Wraight by 102 points, Andy did well in beating Callum 63-46.

Harlescott ‘D’ (+ 80) 262 v Unison ‘B’ (+ 45) 257 This was a close match going down to the last few balls in the final frame, Steve Jones did well in winning a tight frame against Steve Shingler 41-38, in the 2nd the aggregate went a lot bigger when Steve Stubbs took out Neil Chislett 63-31, In the 3rd Billy Lanham put in the best performance with some excellent potting to beat Russ Worrall 88-31, Now it was all on the final frame with the hosts still 13 points in front, Clive Phillips did win the final frame against Alan Childs 55-47 just missing winning the match by 5 points.

Meole ‘E’ (+105) 255 v Wem USC ‘C’ (+ 65) 282 The visitor’s had two big winners to take the aggregate by 27 points, Duncan Hill was best at 81-7 beating Tim Corfield, only two behind him was Greg Edwards 93-21, For Meole Pete Connor just won a big scoring frame from Pete Day 77-68 & Andrew Corfield just won a tight frame 45-40 against Nigel Vickers.    

Meole ‘A’ (+ 05) 188 v BEACONSFIELD ‘B’ (+ 30) 224 This was the shock of the round not only did the visitors win but took three of the four frames, Rob Jones 48-46 playing Chris Smith, Chris Harrison 49-37 against Mike Beasley &Andy Bowers defeated Matt Ryder 57-41.



Beaconafield ‘D’ (+110) 289 v Harlescott ‘C’ (+ 85) 279 Games shared with Beaconsfield just hanging on for a good win, Tony Antrobus 65-35 against Dan Manning & Graham Archer 50-42 playing Jon Rigby, for Harlescott Craig Charles beat Jim Wood 53-30 & Andy Simpson just beat Pete Archer 64-34 missing the aggregate by 10. ================================================================= Bagley ‘A’ (+ 55) 255 v Harlescott ‘E’ (+115) 270 Bagley won three of the four frames, but with the handicap of 60 had a good win by Paul Meredith 57-32 the visitors took it by 15 points, For the hosts Martin Young 55-29, Colin Vaughan 66-31 & Alan Ball 47-38. ================================================================ Bagley ‘C’ (+ 40) 260 v Beaconsfield ‘C’ (+ 70) 287 Games were shared but the visitors won by 27 points with the help of the handicap & wins from Mike Ryder 74-40 & Steve Farmer 54-48, For Bagley Jamie Davidson took the 2nd 68-48 & Danny Sumner the 3rd 64-41. ================================================================ Unison ‘A’ (+ 15) 214 v Unison ‘F’ (+ 20) 219 This was the shock of this Competition, With the ‘F’ men taking three of the four frames, Phil Whitby 59-39, Dave Thomas 48-35 & Mal Edwards 60-49 having to pot the black to win this Match by 5 points, For the ‘A’ John Barton had to pot well towards the end of his frame to win 76-32.

Report by John Teckoe