Cup Week Report (2)



MEOLE BRACE ‘E’ (+105) 298 v BEACONSFIELD ‘A’ (Scr) 234 With 105 start the ‘E’ men took two frames from the Champions. Pete Connor with a win over Simon McLoed 45-35 & Andrew Corfield being the first player to defeat Steve Adams this season 55-52. For the Champions Ceri Richards just won a tight frame against Martin Blizard 56-53 plus a big win at the back by Jason Bright who had an outstanding break of 52 plus a 25 clearance to beat Tim Corfield 91-30 ========================================================= UNISON ‘B’ (+ 45) 310 v PRESTON BROCKHURST ‘A’ ( + 90) 186 This was an outstanding result for the Unison Lads who are played well, Steve Shingler started it off with a big 70-29 win plus a good 34 break, Neil Chislett then made it 2-0 with a 63-52 against Arn Mulligan. Then Billy Lanham with some outstanding potting with breaks of 15. 16. & 29 breaks to beat Glyn Buckley 88-12. On last Clive Phillips made it a full house with a 44-23 win over Alan Trowsdale. ======================================================== HARLESCOTT ‘D’ (+ 80) 279 v UNISON ‘E’ (+ 75) 200 The visitors take a 2-0 lead, with Alan Thomas 39-19 over Steve Jones and Alex Nuthall 55-30 against Mel Griffiths, then the big turn round Russ Worrall with a very good 51-20 win over Martin Cane & Alan Child putting in the best performance with an excellent 37 break to help him defeat Ken McEvoy 99-17. =========================================================== HARLESCOTT ‘B’ (+ 60) 207 v HARLESCOTT ‘A’ (+ 10) The ‘A’ Lads took all 4 frames but frames were close, Ian Evans lost out to a good performance from Ade Rowe 32-70, Then Ian Ferriday just lost out to Tony Watkins 55-61, The 3rd frame was tighter Dave Ferriday just went down to Steve Maddocks 44-49. The performance of the night came from Callum Wraight 68-16 playing Mark Mason. ========================================================== MEOLE ‘G’ (+100) 237 v BEACONSFIELD ‘B’ (+ 30) 275. A Great Result for the Beacon Lads against a very good Cup Team, Phil Ryan starting it off and Rob Jones finished it with a 31 break.   



UNISON ‘A’ (+ 15) 282 v OLD SHREWSBURY ‘A’ (+ 50) 236 Mike Barnsley set this match alight wth a brilliant potting display in defeeting Rob Bebbington 95-4. After going 1-0 down, Tony Bennett hit back with breaks of 24 & 27 to beat Yours Truly 77-37. John Barton pulled away in the 3rd with the help of a good 29 break only to see Craig Weaver pull the score back on the colours with a very good 22 break, John still won 66-43. In the last Colin Beaman played a good steady frame and potting very well to defeat Tony Preece 69-14. ======================================================== HARLESCOTT ‘E’ (+115) 283 v WEM USC ‘A’ (+ 25) 261 A good win for the ‘E’ men who had Terry Burgess to thank for winning the first against Craig Ashley 54-31, After that Wem took over but could not pull the big handicap back. Ian Tinsley won 54-41 playing Paul Meredith, Then Sam Breakes potted well to win 73-49 playing Brian Dockett, Going on last Gavin Tommy needed to defeat Steve Weaver by 77 points, In the Gavin run out of balls but still won well 78-24, 23 points short. ========================================================== BEACONSFIELD ‘C’ (+ 70) 333 v WEM USC ‘B’ (+ 95) 214. The Beacon take all 4 frames, With Jon Hedger the star of the show with a 88-17 win over Pete Maddon, the next best was Mike Ryder 64-13 playing Simon Perry. Then came Martin Lewis who not only beat Mark Perry 68-49 but made an excellent 30 break, The other winner was Steve Farmer who just won 43-40 against Alan Smith. ========================================================= BAGLEY ‘A’ (+ 55) 272 v CONDOVER ‘A’ (+ 85) 239 Martin Young started this close match off with a 58-32 win over Dean Stone. Then Mick Keene just won 52-45 playing Dougie Williams, The visitors took the 3rd Charlie Hughes winning 54-44 against Colin Vaughan. Bagley still 7 points down aggregate it was up to Alan Ball to win for his team mates, Alan did play well in beating Syd Longland 63-23.

Report by John Teckoe

A reminder that this months snooker meeting is this Monday 11th Nov starting at 7.45pm at the Unison Club.