Cup Competitions – Report



HARLESCOTT (Scr) ‘A’ 262 v BEACONSFIELD ‘A’ (+25) 207
Dave Davies gave the visitors a perfect start by just beating  Callum Wraight 62-60. Mike Beer then pulled a frame back wWith a 46-40 win over Ceri Richards. Then we had the best performance from Adrian Rowe who not only beat a very good player Steve Adams 92-29 but got his team home, as Sean Nolan just beat Jason Bright 64-51.
MEOLE ‘G’ (+95) 314 v WEM USC ‘B’ (+105) 294
The ‘G’ Slingers win 3 in a row. Brian Price 47-43, then Andy Wigginton 52-48 & the performance of the night from Kevin Price 82-30. At the back Pete Madden won well for Wem 68-38.
BEACONSFIELD ‘C’ (+100) 242 v MEOLE ‘A’ (+5) 280
A good away win for Meole. Mike Beasley took the first with the help of a good 27 break 57-44. The performance of the match came next with breaks of 21 & 23 Matt Ryder won 98-13. The 3rd saw a very good win for Steve Farmer over a very good player in Tom Hancher 46-42. Back came Meole Ross Corfield had 28 & 20 breaks in winning 78-39.
WEM USC ‘A’ (+20) 262 v MEOLE ‘E’ (+120) 239
The Wem lads won the 4 frames well. Jason Lockett started it off with a 75-30 win. Then we had Sam Breakes 70-44 & the best performance from Ian Tinsley 82-23. At the back Gavin Tommy 63-22.


OLD SHREWSBURY ‘A’ (+75) 187 v BEACONSFIELD ‘B’ (+45) 349
The visitors were in form with 4 big wins. Rob Jones started it off with a 76-33 win break 21. Then it was Phil Ryan with an excellent 31 break to help him win 77-40. Then Chris Harrison
71-17. The best was kept to last Andy Baron 80-22 & a 22 clearance.
PRESTON BROCKHURST ‘A’ (+65) 274 v HARLESCOTT ‘D (+90) 230
The Brock team played well tonight Arnie Mulligan pulling aggregate back with a 63-22 win, after Pip Higgins losing heavy to Alan Childs 50-22. Glyn Buckley had a good 70-36 win break 26 putting the aggregate back to the Brock. Adrian Trowsdale on last had a good 54-32 win.
BAGLEY ‘C’ (+50) 305 v BAGLEY ‘A’ (+80) 221.
The ‘A’ have the best start when Alan Ball just beats Gary Prosser 59-54. Then the ‘C’ team take over Jamie Davidson 58-25. Ross O’Callinghan 67-40 and Mike Jones best at 76-17

Report by John Teckoe.