Cup Competition Report



MEOLE ‘F’ (+35) 206 v HARLESC0TT ‘B’ (+55 ) 280

This was the visitors night after Ian Evans won the first 64-40. Then Dave Ferriday out-played Brendon Coote for a very good 69-31. The 3rd was tight between Andy Sparkes and Mark Mason, both excellent potter’s, Mark won by one point. 62-61. With a 79 start Ian Ferriday kept Dave Berry away from the balls. Only going down by 39-30. Excellent win for the Division two leaders.

UNISON ‘B’ (+70) 262 v WEM USC ‘A’ (+20) 223

Wem had the perfect start when Sam Breakes out-potted Steve Shingler 64-37. Then Jason Lockett had a good 30 break to beat Neil Chislett 69-36. With Wem 2 up and playing well, up stepped Andrew Cashion to turn this match around with breaks of 13/22 & 27 he won 79-19 putting Unison up on aggregate. Gavin Tommy took the final frame 51-40. Great win by the Unison Lads.

MEOLE ‘G’ (+95) 209 v MEOLE ‘A’ (+5) 270

The League Leaders took all the frames. Mike Beasley best with a 84-28 win. Then next best came Tom Hancher 74-20. The 3rd best was Ross Corfield 53-17 then Matt Ryder 54-39 playing Pete Price.

UNISON ‘F’ (+40) 205 v HARLESCOTT ‘A’ (Scr) 243

Only Danny Sumner could win against last years champions 52-50. For Harlescott Sean Nolan was best 70-27, then we had Callum Wraight beating Dave Thomas 73-51 & Roger Davies 50-35.



BAGLEY ‘C’ (+50) 213 v UNISON ‘A’ (+30) 242

Mike Jones gave Bagley the perfect start potting well with breaks of 22 & 22 to defeat yours truly 72-13. Putting all the pressure on the other three players. Colin Beaman then took the 2rd 65-37 & Mike Barnsley the 3rd 65-44. With Unison 30 points down and only John Barton to play. John was in excellent form with a very good 40 break to beat Gary Prosser 79-10.

WEM USC ‘C’ (+60) 275 v PRESTON BROCKHURST ‘A’ (+65) 266

In a tight match Wem took the first 3 frames but only just. Best winner was Greg Edwards 67-44, then Josh Whittle 56-44 and Pete Day 51-42. Arn Mulligan did take the final frame well 71-41but missed the aggregate by 9 points.

HARLESCOTT ‘F’ (+125) 276 v UNISON ‘E’ (85) 325

This match had the expected result with Mike Hughes 58-46. Martin Cane 85-16 with the performance of the night & Kevin Ebrey 51-40. Brian Duckett did well to take the 2nd frame offAlan Thomas 49-46 for the ‘F’ men.

BEACONSFIELD ‘D’ (+115) 292 v BEACONSFIELD ‘B’ (+45) 276

The ‘B’ Lads took the first 3 frames, Rob Jones 62-50 break 29. Then Phil Ryan put in the best performance 81-44 break 30. On 3rd Andy Baron did well to defeat Graham Archer 65-44. At theback Jim Green did well to hold Chris Harrison and take the aggregate for his team he beat Chis 39-23

Report by John Teckoe